How much exercise is necessary to lose weight?

250 minutes of exercise per week may eventually leads you to weight loss and 150 minutes of exercise per week help you to maintain your desired weight. According to Translations team of "Health News", adults need at least 250 minutes of exercise per week.

Operating principle of ECU

In the injection cars, there is a piece that is called ECU (Electronic Control – Engine Control Unit). ECU is a Micro Computer. Like the other computers, this has a CPU, two permanent and temporary memories and has a plan. This piece is located

The technology of OLED lights in the BMW

BMW was the first company that applied the laser light technology in its production cars. But at CES, this company in addition to improving these lights also disclosed the OLED technology for taillights of car. To show these technologies, it have been used a

How work the Stop-Start system?

Not long ago it was said with certainty that ignition and starting the engine consumes more petrol than its situ working. It is true that a cold engine consumes more fuel than normal, but if the motor is been reached already to the required

How does magnetic shock absorber works?

This type of suspension was installed for the first time in 2002 on the Cadillac Seville STS by GM. And then was embedded on the many others cars including the Chevrolet and Buick. This production was unveiled by Audi Company in R8 and TT

How can get rid of a bad smell inside the car?

Use following methods to eliminate the bad smells car: Required materials: White vinegar Cups or small bowls Step 1: Find the cause of smell. As long as the cause of smell is not found, the smell does not disappear. Step 2: Clean the entire